One of the many perks of life in southeastern NC is that you can get outside and enjoy Mother Nature all year round! At EDGE Landscape, we realize your home is a place to relax in and enjoy. Your yard is an extension of your home – and you should enjoy it, too!

Here are 5 easy outdoor living updates that you will love — and Edge Landscape can help you achieve! Soon, the exterior of home will be just as enjoyable as the interior!

5 Easy Outdoor Living Updates You Will Love

easy-outdoor-living-updates_paver-patio1.  Pave The Way…
If you have a small, boring poured-concrete patio – then consider sprucing up the area with concerte pavers. Pavers are moderately priced and are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

EDGE ADVANTAGE TIP: Pavers are easier AND less costly to repair than a concrete slab. If you see a crack or stain – simply replace the unruly paver OR try turning it over!

2.  Fire It Up!
Who doesn’t love sitting around a cozy fire? Just add some comfortable patio furniture, and a fire pit on your patio will transform your backyard into a gathering place. If a traditional, open wood fire isn’t an option, a natural gas fire pit allows fire at the flip of a switch!

easy-outdoor-living-updates_outdoor-kitchen3.  Get Cooking….
Outdoor living updates also include beautiful outdoor kitchens and BBQ stations! The options are endless and can be customized to fit your “chef level.” Ideas include a built in BBQ, a kitchen with large island and prep station, side burners, a refrigerator, bar seating and more.

EDGE WOW FACTOR: If you’re a pizza lover, why not build an outdoor pizza oven?! This party-ready backyard includes a custom-designed patio with beautiful lighting, landscaping and a genuine Italian pizza oven.  **Pizza Oven Design by Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns

easy-outdoor-living-updates_outdoor-lighting4.  Light Up The Night
Your home will take on an entirely new, dramatic look at night with the addition of outside lighting. There are many low-wattage lights available and you can mix and match to full illuminate your outdoor space. Try these: path lights for walkways, spotlights and floodlights for trees and shrubbery, deck lights for safety on deck steps, well lights for flowerbeds and tree bases and post cap lights for additional safety.

EDGE ADVANTAGE TIP: Consider upgrading to LED landscape lighting for easy maintenance AND energy efficiency.

easy-outdoor-living-updates_water-feature5.  Featuring H2O
Fountains, ponds and water sculptures add calm and relaxation to your outdoor living space. The possibilities are endless, really! Consider a simple fountain to enhance a flower bed and add a point of interest to your yard or go BIG and add a flowing water features with a dramatic waterfall! Check out some unique water features here.

Our dedicated team at EDGE Landscape Co. will help transform your vision for an outdoor living space into a reality. EDGE Landscape provides full-service residential and commercial services, proudly serving southeastern NC.

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