Fall in southeastern NC – have you met anyone that doesn’t love this season?! The humidity dies down, the temps are mild and many argue this is one of the best times to hit the beach – it’s FALL-tastic!

At Edge Landscape Co., we want your yards to look their best every season of the year (and, we can help with that!) But, if you’re looking for some great, easy ways to spruce up your landscaping this season – try a few of our favorite fall plantings for southeastern NC. You (and your yard) will be glad you did!

Favorite Fall Plantings for Southeastern NC

fall-plantings-in-southeastern-nc_pansiesMums and Pansies
These are a favorite, colorful fall go-to-choice in southeastern NC, and why not? They jazz up any flight of stairs, are pretty, have a ton of varieties to pick from and can grow almost anywhere in the country – including southeastern NC! The best part is, they’re easy to find and will add color long after summer annuals die back and perennials go dormant.

EDGE ADVANTAGE TIP: Try some of the trailing varieties of pansies in pots, baskets and porch planters. They will spill over the planter and create that great display everyone wants to achieve! You can also add the trailing varieties of pansies into a bed and they should fill in the space over a relatively short time frame.

Love to cook? Then fall is a great time to freshen up your southeastern NC container pots with amazing herbs! Try these herbs that LOVE the crispy fall days: parsley (flat Italian or curled), sage, rosemary, thyme, chives, lavender, cilantro, and mint. You could even try an ornamental chili pepper for a little KICK!

Think ahead to spring and try some bulbs this fall! Smaller early blooming bulbs planted around bases of groups of taller stemmed bulbs add early color beneath the later blooming bulb varieties. A few ideas: Crocus’ planted around tulips, grape hyacinths planted around daffodils, hyacinths planted around the giant blue variety, maroon or white globe Allium. And if you have the space, try a big planting of one kind and color bulb for that WOW factor!

fall-plantings-in-southeastern-nc_ornamental-cabbageViolas, Snapdragons, Dianthus, Ornamental Cabbages & Kale
In addition to our favorites – Mums and Pansies – try adding these colorful varieties to your fall plantings for some extra southeastern NC — POP!  Find many more here.  Just be sure you water the plants well after they have been planted. A good strong healthy root system is crucial for a fall and winter of great producing plants.

EDGE ADVANTAGE TIP: If you make the decision to “winter over” and keep any of your summer plants, you’ll need to get them prepped and ready! Select the appropriate pots, dig out your plants from the beds, give the leaf surfaces a good cleaning and rinse the root system with water. After that, plant them in well-draining potting soil. If you keep the plants watered, trim accordingly, and place in an area of the house that works for sustaining good quality growth – you’ll see your summer beauties prosper during the winter months!

Our dedicated team at EDGE Landscape Co. will help transform your yard into an outdoor fall masterpiece. EDGE Landscape provides full-service residential and commercial services, proudly serving southeastern NC.

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