People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.
~ Iris Murdoch, A Fairly Honourable Defeat

Winter, spring, summer or fall; Edge has it all!  Edge Landscape Co. can take the guess work out of your seasonal plantings.  Living in southeastern North Carolina, we are able to enjoy the outdoors year round.  Edge can help make your yard the perfect seasonal oasis to enjoy all the beautiful foliage our coastal climate has to offer.


There is no reason to neglect your yard during the winter or wait until spring to enjoy beautiful landscaping. The knowledgeable team at Edge Landscaping Co. knows just what flowers and shrubbery will grow best in the winter and will even maintain them for you so you can spend more time enjoying your loved ones during the holiday season.  If you want your yard to pop with color throughout the colder months, try a selection of Christmas rose, winter sun or flowering quince.


Spring is known as the season for blooming fragrant flowers and fresh starts.  Let Edge clean up your yard and make it the envy of the neighborhood by helping you select the best flowering plants to enhance your garden for the spring.  Some of the most hearty blooms for our coastal soil in the spring are gerber daisies, begonias, African daisies, hibiscus and lavender.


As the weather warms up and outdoor activities abound, you’ll want your yard looking its best. Let Edge Landscape Co. outfit your landscape with the most beautiful flowers and trees for the summer season.  Our sandy soil and warm temperatures make planting begonias, vinca lantana, ferns petunias and even herbs ideal in the summer.


Everyone loves the crisp feeling in the air as fall rolls around.  Edge Landscaping Co. wants you to continue to enjoy your outdoor space as well long after the summer blooms have passed.  The milder temperatures of fall still offer many flowering plants to choose from.  Some of the most beautiful and hearty plants that grow well in our area in fall include, marigolds, pansies, mums, snapdragons and violas.  Your yard will be bursting with fall colors and foliage throughout the season.  Edge Landscaping Co. will even prevent the falling leaves from keeping you from enjoying fall with seasonal yard clean up.