Day-after-day the exterior of your home takes a beating, but by staying on top of routine exterior maintenance, you can prevent pesky problems from becoming big, costly issues.  Edge Landscape has a few ideas and helpful tips on how YOU can keep your outdoor living spaces looking their best!

Start with an assessment – Grab your sneakers and a notepad and head outside!  Take a spin around your home and make a list of the projects you need to tackle.  Here are few areas we suggest focusing on…

Fences and gates – Especially if your fences and gates are wooden, check them for loose, popped or rotting boards.  Sure up and replace any boards that need it.  Then, give them a nice coat of paint or stain every other year.

Walk your deck – Take the same approach to what you did with your fences and gates by checking for loose or popped boards.  Then, paint or stain!

Gutter check – Put your gutters on your checklist…twice a year!  Give them a sweep every spring and fall.

Keep pests at bay – To help keep problematic pests away, keep debris, vegetation and mulch a foot away from structures.

Love your pressure washer – Hit your decks, siding, sidewalks…whatever you can with this magic eraser!

Our dedicated team at EDGE Landscaping Co. understands how important your outdoor living space is to your family and keeping up with preventative maintenance is an important piece to the puzzle!

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